HVAC Parts

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Air Handler

An air moving unit. Residential air handlers include a blower, a coil, an expansion device, a heater rack and filter. Heaters for air handlers are sold as accessories. In some models heaters are factory installed.


This is the heart of an air conditioner or heat pump system. It is part of the outdoor unit and pumps refrigerant in order to meet the cooling requirements of the system.

Heat Pump

An outdoor unit that cools in the summer and heats in the winter using only electricity.


An air cooler that removes moisture from the air.


A humidity-sensing control that cycles the humidifier on and off.



Abbreviation for Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning.

BTU (British Thermal Unit)

British thermal unit; the amount of heat required to raise or lower the temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit. The heat extracted from your home by an air conditioner is measured in BTUs.


Energy Efficiency Ratio is a steady state yearly operation. This is used more by utilities than for homeowner comparisons. SEER is a seasonal measure most often used for residential ratings.


Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio; a measure of cooling efficiency for air conditioners and heat pumps. The higher the SEER, the more energy efficient the unit.

Heat Loss

The rate of heat transfer from a heated/cold space to the outdoors.

Packaged Unit

A heating and/or air conditioning system contained in a single cabinet outside the home. unit. A packaged unit is typically installed beside or on the roof.

Self-Contained System

A heating or air conditioning system with no external components. Also known as a packaged unit or a packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC).

Split System

The combination of an outdoor unit (air conditioner or heat pump) with an indoor unit (furnace or air handler). Split systems must be matched for optimum efficiency. This is the most common type system in the U.S.A.

Zone System

A method of dividing a home into different comfort zones so each zone can be independently controlled depending on use and need; an air conditioning system capable of maintaining varying conditions for various rooms or zones.